28 days Later (Not the movie, but the freelance gig)


My entire month of July was consumed by a project for Wiley Publishing. Yes, the same Wiley that publishes the “…For Dummies” books. But this project was for their textbook division’s annual national sales meeting. To honor their top five sales people, the good people at Wiley contracted me to create a one minute animated film that was loosely based on the intro to the TV show “Sex and the City”.

Each sales rep was shown in some aspect of NYC activity, with the first rep in the role of Sarah Jessica Parker. Each rep is pleasantly surprised when they find their name and sales stats are part of the fabric of the city.

The entire project took 28 days straight. Sometimes fifteen hours long. Hand drawn characters, finished in Flash, composited in After Effects. The files were a whopping 1024 x 760 because the final was brought into Power Point. It was lots of work, tight deadlines, but a lot of fun. It also helps when you do work for an open-minded client that trusts your instincts. No wonder Wiley is so successful.

Sorry, but for contractual reasons, I can’t post the video. Here’s a few stills…


While my real passion is character design, I must admit, I really had fun drawing places like Yankee Stadium.

Animating Batman and Wolverine

Been working on this on and off since October. If you look at the post back in October, you can see the hands were mushy. I originally just wanted to bang this out, not worry about style, craft, or quality — just let the humor speak for itself — kinda like South Park. But I can draw, and so I did. I redesigned parts of the characters, got a voice actor to play Batman, and worked to tighten everything up. I’m still adding to this, but this is the first start to finish version I’m willing to show. Much love to Joe Oesterle for his contribution on the script. Thanks to Adam Taylor for vocals and John Noll for sound.