What I’ve Been Up To Lately


I’ve been thoroughly redesigning the Crucial Comics site to transition into animation. This is an ambitious project since a site about animated properties should really feature some animation, right? I’ll post the link just as soon as I’ve got a reasonable version of the site up and running in a week or so.

Speaking of animation, I’ve also become quite involved with ASIFA-East, the New York metro area’s animation association. I’ve been writing articles on Flash for their newsletter, crashing their board meetings, attending screenings, and meeting some great people.

What I’m Reading This Week


I just finished Raymond Chandler’s “The Big Sleep” which I felt would help me with writing for Rat Bastard. The book is very similar to the Humphrey Bogart film, it just has a lot more details. It’s hard not to picture anyone but Bogart as the cool-as-a-cucumber private dick Phillip Marlowe. I love the language, the terminology, the smart talk. At one point, Marlowe is questioned by a local hood, who never uses Marlow’s name, he simply refers to him as “soldier” — a kind of a put down, implying he’s a just a grunt in a much bigger picture. “What’s your angle, soldier?” he asks Marlowe. A great tough-guy taunt.


Now I’m on to “Stanley” a reconsideration of the life of Henry Thornton Stanley by Tim Jeel. According to Jeel, Stanley got a bum rap up until now. He’s been branded a racist, opportunist, exploiter, and henchman of King Leopold II. But Jeel got a rare look at the archives of Stanley’s diaries, and found a much different man — A man who cared deeply for the people of Africa and a true love of the continent. His bravery was unparallel, and may have been the greatest explorer in modern history. I’m just getting into the book, but it’s a fantastic read so far.

What I’m Listening To This Week


Working For A Nuclear Free CityClocking in at 1.7 hours, Businessmen and Ghosts is all over the modern British music musical map. This Manchester band is one part Fluke, one part, Stone Roses, a touch of Ride, some Radiohead, a little ambient, a pinch of low-fi, groove, experimental, and a whole lot more – hell, there’s 29 songs on this release. At times, I’m not sure it’s the same band from one track to the next. I’m not even sure if I like the whole thing – but that’s not the point of this entry – it’s just what I’m listening to this week. If I were to give them a grade, I would say A for Ambitious, but D for Don’t Know Which Way To Go.