Here’s a first shot at a 2006 version of the Computasaurus. My biggest problem: what should be on the screen? Second: the definition. The old one was rather simplistic. So send me some feedback as to what it is people generally do with their computers.

That Went Well (What Went Well?)

This site was originally posted on as and up until recently, it was very easy to import a blog from Blogger into a new WordPress blog (which is what I’m using. Unfortunately, I have to import all my posts manually and have no way of preserving the dates of the posts or eveyone’s comments. So for the record, this blog was actually begun in November of 2006, but it will appear to have started February 2007.

Saurus Returns

Many people have asked me over the years if I would ever revive the “Sauruses” or “Saurus Gang”. They’ve cited many reasons to re-launch the once ubiquitous reptile, such as nostalgia. Many 80s icons are very popular now. While one in 10 Americans owned something with a Saurus on it back in the late 80s, I wondered if today’s public would be interested in something created in 1986. Others suggested that two decades later, there are many new Sauruses to be drawn that didn’t exist years ago.

Lately, we’ve been getting quite a few emails at Talking Tops from people asking if we still made Saurus T-shirts or coffee mugs, etc. So I thought it might be fun to draw a few new characters and dig out a few old ones.

We have quite an archive of Saurus materials at Talking Tops. Beyond the expected original art that I penned 20 years ago, is examples of Macy’s ads, Hallmark products, unpublished comic art, and prototypes of many products that were never made. My favorite proposal was the toilet paper holder for the Philippines.

So I’ll be posting a few original 1986-89 Saurus drawings, as well as some new sketches. I’d be interested in any feedback and suggestions; what sort of Saurus would roam the Earth today? I’ve been thinking about cellphonasaurus a lot lately, but surely there are many other activities that didn’t exist in the late 80s including blogging. Computasaurus was the first Saurus I came up with back in February ’86. Maybe I should begin with Computasaurus in 06.