New Saurus Site

Redesigned Saurus Gang site

As many times as I’ve tried to walk away from Saurus, I keep getting dragged back in. I have nothing against the old characters I originally created back 1986, but to work on them takes away from things I’d rather be working on them today.

Folks keep contacting me on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc asking if they can order Partyasaurus for a friend or Dadasaurus for Fathers Day.
I’ve added a new item — a framed, signed giclee print. I saw quite a few prints at comic cons I’ve appeared at and decided to finally offer my own. Shop at your own risk, Shopasaurus.

Mini Documentary By Ogilvy

The mega monstrous international ad agency Ogilvy and Mather is putting together a series of mini docs about creativity and the people who have no other choice but to create over at Create or Else.

Director David Urbano and his crew did a great job, and I got to collaborate with them by doing the first pass of the animation for the final sequence where some of my characters begin to harass me for not paying attention to them. I haven’t done any animation in a few years, and I’d forgotten how labor intensive it is. I believe it took me three days for a few seconds of video.

Shopasaurus Returns

The Shopasaurus, popular 80's icon that has faded into the past.
The Shopasaurus, popular 80's icon that has faded into the past.

Funny thing about Web search — not everything shows up just because it’s out on the Web. You’d think that by putting a site up  with Saurus characters, that if you searched Google for “shopasaurus” that my little pink dinosaur would appear in the results — not so. Web experts use techniques called SEO (search engine optimization), which get the thing you want people to find to show up higher in the results. But shopasaurus didn’t show up at all. There’s a lot of technical reasons for it, but one thing that helps, is if I post it on this site, which has been around a lot, and has a lot of outgoing links.  So here be Shopasaurus, that 80’s icon of excess.

New Saurus Web Site Features Shopasaurus and Friends


Now I know how rock stars feel when fans insist they play their hits. I created Computasaurus, Shopasaurus, Partyasaurus, et al back in Feb. 1986, and some 23 years later I still get requests for Saurus shirts, coffee mugs, plush toys, etc., especially Dadasaurus.

I’m currently working on a completely different project, so to spend time on launching this new site, with our partners Digital Imagining Services of Spring Texas, really brings me back to the days when Saurus was the top selling T-shirt line in America. Many times I’ve tried to put Saurus in my past and move on to something grittier, something more challenging. But what I realize about the simple little Rockasaurus and Beachasaurus, is that they gave me the life and career I have today. I’m able to create what I want because they gave me the confidence and the freedom to go wherever my imagination takes me. Thanks Saurus.
You can find them at

Gamerasaurus Final


All the credit for this one goes to The Mighty Dan Humphrey, our Senior Art Director, who not only wrote the definition, but came up with a great color combination as well. Maybe he was listening to the red, white and black clad band the White Stripes at the time for inspiration. All I know is I was really stumped on the colors for this one, and Dan stepped in and took charge. He’s also responsible for many of the definitions on the original Sauruses.


Here’s a sketch of a new Saurus. I’ve recently gotten into kayaking. I injured my hip last year, and have been unable to get up on a surfboard, so I needed another activity that involed getting out in the water. I’m amazed at how many people are kayaking — probably, because it’s relatively easy to get started. It doesn’t take years and years of practice to have an enjoyable experience. I live three blocks from the Navesink River, and less than a mile from the Shrewsbury River. Both empty into the Atlantic Ocean to the east. about three miles from my home. To west, the rivers are fed by tidal estuaries , which are habitats for herons and other amazing birds. I try to get out there several times a week in the warmer weather. So I guess that makes me a Kayakasaurus.



Here’s a first shot at a 2006 version of the Computasaurus. My biggest problem: what should be on the screen? Second: the definition. The old one was rather simplistic. So send me some feedback as to what it is people generally do with their computers.